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PTA Considers a Ban on PUBG?

On Wednesday,  July 1st 2020 Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) decided to suspend the immensely popular online videogame, Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds AKA PUBG, temporarily.

According to PTA they received many complaints as it was addictive, brutal and the first-person shooter nature of the game riles violent tendencies among teenagers, pushing them towards suicide, if their mission fails. The game has a severe negative impact on the cognitive physical and emotional development of the people engaging in this activity.

The PTA has suspended internet access to the game pending a hearing in the High Court on July 9, earlier last month. Lahore police also recommended a ban after a 16-year-old teenager killed himself in Hanjarwal territory of Lahore after he neglected to achieve the mission he was assigned within the game.

According to other Media Reports, 2 more cases of suicide were reported therefore Lahore High Court urged PTA to look into the matter urgently. After receiving many complaints PTA also advised people to send them feedback regarding this videogame.

The game has already been banned in Jordan, Iraq, Nepal, the Indian state of Gujarat and the Indonesian province of Aceh. The ban was caused due to many cases of suicide being reported all over.

As PUBG Mobile has been the cause of death and misdemeanors world over, one thing we need to understand is that no videogame is worth losing our lives over!

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