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This fruit can refresh your life

Watermelon is a delicious and refreshing fruit that’s also good for you.

It contains only 46 calories per cup but is high in vitamin C, vitamin A and many healthy plant compounds.
Here are the Health benefits of eating Water Melon

Helps You Hydrate

Drinking water is an important way to keep your body hydrated. Watermelon has a high water content. This makes it hydrating and helps you feel full.

May Improve Heart Health

Heart disease is the number one cause of death worldwide. Several nutrients in watermelon have specific benefits for heart health. Watermelon has several heart-healthy components, including lycopene, citrulline and other vitamins and minerals.

It is Good for Skin and Hair

Two vitamins in watermelon — A and C — are important for skin and Hair health. Several nutrients in watermelon are good for your hair and skin. Some help keep skin supple while others protect against sunburn.

Can Improve Digestion

Watermelon contains lots of water and a small amount of fiber — both of which are important for healthy digestion. Fiber can provide bulk for your stool, while water helps keep your digestive tract moving efficiently.

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