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Is social media a social aid or hinderance?

In today’s day and age, there are barely a few people who aren’t active on any kind of social media platform. Whatever age group we look at, there is some kind of social media presence. Using platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram or TikTok is the norm and anyone who chooses to stay off them, is alienated. (that’s a whole other debate though)

Social media is said to have many benefits. It keeps us “connected” to our loved ones, it helps us make new friends and it also keeps us updated on what is happening around the world. It also provides people who are rather shy or do not possess exceptional social skills, with an easy way to communicate without getting nervous.

Despite all these stated “benefits”, researches show that excessive use of social media results in people experiencing loss of the ability to communicate face to face. They become so accustomed to communicating from behind a screen that when faced with a conversation in person, they feel uncomfortable expressing themselves and/or being vulnerable. Another theory is that people who use social media too much, tend to show narcissistic tendencies.

Both of these behavioural observations suggest a lack of intellect-based social skills. Most of their conversations are likely to consist of small talk or superficial topics i.e. clothes, shoes, cars, number of followers, physical appearances, people’s personal lives, among many others.

In conclusion, it is evident that nothing in this world is black or white, everything has the yin & yang, the light and dark. We must find balance in everything we indulge in so as to avoid getting the short end of the stick, if you get my drift.

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