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Chatbot Marketing is the Future!

Who can relate to the frustration of calling service providers through a representative call centre? Even after adopting the best practices in customer experience, the impatient customer is not satisfied. However, with the digital marketing industry evolving at a faster rate new doors are opening up for companies to resolve complaints at a faster rate. But how to increase your response rate without increasing the staff headcount? The discovery of Chatbots has helped engage consumers and provide leads to the sales team as well.

What is Chatbot marketing?

Chatbots are similar to Facebook messenger chatbots. Companies are not only able to provide prompt customer support but also generate sales. The best part is, it isn’t limited by technology because the Artificial Intelligence (AI) software is built into the software which helps to respond with correct information and also personalize the interaction.

Chatbot marketing- Benefits

Chatbots also have the ability to dig through vast amounts of data and respond with the required information at a faster rate. It has shown to improve the customer’s experience; be it customer service, engaging customers or give product recommendations. This way companies are able to diversify their service offering while staying focused on their main goal.

Unlike humans, chatbots are constantly running and keep the market engine going. They are available to engage with clients 24/7 and help feel visitors welcome to the website. This helps to open doors for communication and collects information and qualify leads. It is also used to offer free trials, new features and connect to the sales team if the buyer is interested.

Many companies worldwide use Chatbot services. German car dealership, Volav has placed a chatbot with an integrated Typeform survey that provides a totally customised price input for the buyer. This personalized experience has improved Volvos lead generation on its website for about 300%.

This can also be successful in Pakistan since 70% of the population has access to the internet now and expect to be responded promptly instead of calling service providers. Many companies in Pakistan have already adopted Chatbots like Food panda and multiple e-commerce websites. However, there are many more who have to capitalise on this new technology.

However, this does not mean Chatbot can replace the employees but it can help bring in more business and help the company grow at a faster rate.

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