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Positive quarantine habits to maintain after lock-down

When the pandemic broke out social distancing and quarantine took a toll over our health. Not being able to meet our family/friends, working from home and avoiding deliveries was an alien concept in the beginning. Whereas, with time we familiarised ourselves and also started to adopt some positive habits. The main test, however, is to maintain these practices after the lock-down.

Here are some positive habits we plan to include in our daily routine since the lock-down is lifted.

  • Healthy Eating habits

The lockdown had got us all cooking at home since ordering out was not safe. Every day new recipes were tried at home which was healthier than restaurant cooked meals. In addition, the new diet plan also consisted of immunity-boosting food items and drinks. Nutrition supplements were also taken seriously during this time to fight any illness. This habit needs to be maintained for a healthy lifestyle.

  • Connecting more with family

Staying at home saved ample time from our busy lives to spend with our parents and siblings. Cooking was taken as an activity and everyone in the house had their share of house chores. Weekends were spent in the lounge binge-watching with family and playing board games.

  • Adopting new hobbies

We believe this time has helped many of us channel our energies in a productive manner. Since the new normal was working from home which saved on time spent in commute. This opened up a window which gave an opportunity to take up new hobbies such as painting, reading, cooking and even transforming the interior of our house!

  • Good hygiene practices

Coronavirus has helped us understand that hygienic practices play a vital role in our lives. Washing our hands and wearing a mask saves us from many existing diseases/viruses. So make sure to continue this practice to keep you and your family safe!

  • Stay Fit

These uncertain situations have triggered emotions like anxiety and depression for many of us. Exercise can help alleviate anxiety and reduce stress level. Therefore, it is important to include exercise in our daily routine. If nothing, take a walk down the road because walking gives you ideas!

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