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Self Care is not Selfish!

Wondering what is self-care? The meaning of self-care is much above the action of doing what you want in life. It is a broad term comprising of activities that give you mental peace, emotional satisfaction and physical health. Precisely, it’s about being as kind to yourself as you would be to others.

Some say self-care is similar to being selfish but it is otherwise! Self-care comes in to play when your resources are running low and you’re stepping back to regain them rather than letting them drain away. It is vital to give adequate attention to your own well being as well. This will help you to be the best version of your self for the people around you and in return, others benefit from the renewed energy you showcase. Here are some tips for you to practice to be the best version of yourself:

  • Have a healthy diet
  • Get enough sleep
  • Incorporate exercising or walking in your daily routine
  • Understand your needs and learn to say NO
  • Stay positive

Following these tips can benefit us in various ways increasing our resistance to diseases by following a healthy diet. Understanding our own self helps us to say no to activities that do not speak to us. In return, we are able to focus on our goals and achieve our targets. Over time self-esteem also increases and we learn to have more confidence in our self rather than relying on others.

Self-Care depends on personal choices, and no general principle will always work. Motivation and aspirations are different for everyone. What motivates you and inspires you is different than the person next door. Therefore it is crucial to find things that make you feel alive. Learn to commit to activities you plan for yourself just like you do for friends or family. Keep self-care in check which will help you feel better equipped when helping others. Learn to live your best life!

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