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Pasta in no time!

Lazy Sunday and you don’t want to leave home? Perfect, you don’t have and you can also prepare your food at home in the easiest way ever. Let’s try making red sauce pasta which will leave your mouth watering till the last bite.

As we start the dish, we go for the first thing which is boiling the pasta and also preparing its sauce for which we need obviously pasta, garlic, tomatoes, chilli flakes, parsley and salt as you like. Starting off with how you will prepare your pasta is first you boil them in enough water to get all covered deeply and alongside, you take a frying pan which will be heated. Put red chilli flakes and garlic in it till you get an amazing strong odour.

When the pasta is boiled enough that it’s soft, you soak it and add it into the frying pan which has garlic and chilli flakes in it.  We need a few tomatoes, parsley, salt and basil leaves which will all be added into the same frying pan and you can cover it, leave it for good 15-20 mins so the tomatoes and fully soft and starts turning into a puree. Stir it till the puree is thick and everything is blended.


You later on add a little pinch of parsley and chilli flakes with an extra pinch of black pepper.  Make sure you perform all the tasks and the whole process immediately so the pasta remains hot and you can serve it hot and fresh!

Enjoy your yummy meal! Hope you try this out! x

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