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Mark Ruffalo labels Donald Trump as “Public Enemy No.1”

The Avengers actor, Mark Ruffalo in a recent interview with Sky News described President Donald Trump as “Public Enemy No.1”.  Ruffalo went on to criticise Trump in relation to climate change.

“Everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie. This dude is standing in the way of anything significant happening in the world as far as climate change is concerned,” he said.

The actor then went on to exclaim that Trump’s standing scares him.  “It’s f***ing terrifying and it keeps me up at night,” he said. Additionally the actor went on to rant about how countries including the US itself weren’t taking climate change serious enough.

“Countries are freaking out about Syrians coming, a few thousand Syrians. We are approaching mass extinctions, food systems failing, hundreds of millions of displaced people looking for places that are hospitable.” He pauses, breathes. “In my country, half of the political system doesn’t believe in climate change, in science. I’m inviting the rest of the world to get involved in our next election, because the fate of the world is in the  balance. And you can print that,” he said.

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