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Fermented Rice Water for Hair Growth

Hair loss in winters is not a big surprise for all of us. It is the normal thing that happens every winter. The main reason behind hair loss and dryness in winters is dry air. If you want to prevent your excessive hair loss during this winter, the fermented rice water is the best home remedy.  It’s the best ancient secret in Asia.

People are sometimes confused between rice water and fermented rice water. Rice water is also good for preventing hair loss but fermented rice water helps to grow hair fast. Fermentation helps close cuticles and lower the pH level of rice water because of high hair’s pH.

The method for making fermented rice water is very easy. Take ¼ cup of rice and two cups of water. Keep the rice soaked for 20-30 minutes. Keep aside the extracted water at room temperature for two days. Mix this fermented rice water in any oil of your choice (coconut, olive or almond, etc.). Also, add a cup of warm water in fermented water before mixing it in oil. This is also best for reducing split ends and curing dandruff.

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