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Moisture Away!

By: Sana Qureshi

The weather these days has taken out all the moisture away from my skin and I am sure everyone can relate to this as we all are experiencing the dry and rough weather in our city.

So I bring you few skincare tips and tricks that I follow to keep my skin hydrated and moisturized. First essential step is to drink lots of water , it not only keeps our body hydrated but makes the skin glow as-well. Invest in a good cleanser , that washes all the dirt and impurities away from your face.

Always use a good moisturizer after you wash your face. Pick the one that suits your face and is hydrating enough because you don’t want your skin to look rough and those dry patches, definitely not! Quick tip: for an extra hydration during the day spray your face with rose water, easy yet refreshing.

Invest in a good body lotion and at least moisture your hands and feet twice a day.

Few tips that i personally follow religiously is take some body lotion and baby oil, mix them together and apply it all over my body. My skin not only gets its moisture back and it feels so soft throughout the day. Another tip is use  Vaseline. I at least use vaseline or petroleum jelly once a day on my hands and feet. I kid you not it works wonders! I can definitely see the difference in my skin after following these few steps and you can see the results too!

Give your skin the hydration it needs.

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