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Things you avoid doing to avoid having blackheads!

The tiny black spots that shows on your skin which later on becomes bumps then start to clog makeup in itself, are known as blackheads. There is no specific reason as to why they occur because it is those tiny pores from your young age which enlarges with time because of the changes of hormones in your body. They can appear on your chest, your back, your shoulders and not just on your nose and face.

Don’t worry and stop being tensed, there are many ways you can remove these blackheads from your skin. I’ll discuss the remedies on removal in my other blog but in this one, I’ll tell you the precautions you need to take to avoid increasing blackheads.

First off, never scrub your face too much. Scrubbing your face again and again will only open up your pores and allow the dirt to enter which will not only clog your skin but also infect it with the germs.

Secondly, avoid squeezing your blackheads which already exist and find ways to remove it peacefully from the surface rather than squeezing it with the help of your tips or a tweezers. It stinks!

Thirdly and most importantly, guys please stop sharing your face towels. Stop sharing any kinds of towels in general. It’s unhygienic and I’m not kidding it will kill your skin and fill your face with not just blackheads and whiteheads but also pimples.  Please avoid all these things and make your skin better, let it breathe and let it shine, take care of your skin and yourself as that is what represents you.

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