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Winter picks!

Winters are around the corner and so is the worry of dressing up everyday and managing to look cute & classy! Struggling? Let me help you out with the best decisions I can give to tell you what to pair with what & shine out of all!


Over-sized sweater: 


You don’t like sweaters which are skin tight on your body? Right, it makes you look weirdly fat and not stylish at all. How about you dress yourself with skin tight jeans and an over sized sweater topped with a cute clutch & loops earring. Classy!





Long coat: 

You want to walk around the corner looking like an eclipse of class, elegance and epitome of gorgeousness? Pick up either a black or brown long coat, put it on top of a plain white tee and jeans. Pair the whole dress with cute jewellery and boots. Always remember, elegance gives you class and this is the kind of mature dressing you need if you’re running late for an office meeting.


Furry jacket: 

Is it freezing cold outside? Do you have to still go out in friends and look cute? Let’s cover you in a cute furry jacket and not a sweatshirt because it won’t keep you that warm. These furry jackets are best for winters because they look super stylish, comfortable and keeps you warm. Make sure you pick a colour which defines not only your taste but reflects your personality from within too.




High necks: 

Oh, turtle neck tops!! 3 basic colours in these: black, white and brown. These tops have been my favourite to wear all winters since 7th grad. Not even kidding, the fitting and the absolute stunning look it delivers you after all dressed up. No comparison.





You’re loaded with winter tips and clothes. Do follow and dress up accordingly, can’t wait to see you looking cute & classy!

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