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Schizophrenia on the rise in Pakistan!

Mental Illness and Anxiety as we are aware that it is surprisingly common and quite triggering nowadays. However, it is found among all ages, but mostly in Millenials in this era.
Anxiety can be simply defined as the natural response to stress by any human-being.
In a pandemic world, we have seen many people committing suicides due to financial stress they have been facing due to the drastic increase in unemployment, inflation, and other circumstances.
On the other hand, people who are employed are facing great stress due to the overburden of work.
Due to the increase in such novel factors, Mental illness and anxiety have leveled up and increased rapidly within our society.
We need to help and respect people who are deeply going through mental illness, anxiety, and stress.

Cause it’s now or never!

Psychologists in Pakistan believe that majority of the population is suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and that there is not much being done to help them.
We must learn to respect and care for each other around us whether it be someone we know or a stranger. We should always talk positively with others and pass on a smile while having conversations with anyone. It leaves a gratifying image in another person’s mind which later propels them to stay positive. Cause we never know who is suffering from anxiety, stress, and mental illness.

For some people, depression is a fashion as they much often talk about it with everyone.

However, most of the people who suffer from mental illness and anxiety don’t have the confidence and are shy to express themselves or want to keep it a secret due to which those people who are genuine sufferers of anxiety and facing mental-illness are shadowed out in our society and they keep on suffering on their own for the rest of their life.
With constant stress, terrorist attacks, absence of social security, poverty, illness, poor health standards, injustices, illiteracy, and economic tumors, people have become very rigid, inflexible in their thinking.

Living in a patriarchal society, it is rare that men in Pakistan admit their depression because it will indirectly mean that they failed to cope with their responsibilities.

The best ways to cope with anxiety and stress are in the following ways:
  1. Give Yourself A Treat! – It is very vital to take out time for yourself. Give yourself a treat once in a while. Go out to eat.
  2. Stay Positive – For a healthier mind, it is very vital to stay positive.
  3. Stay Calm & Confident – You must always stay calm and confident as what’s meant to be will happen anyway.
  4. Recognize Your Trigger Points – Recognize your weak and trigger points in order to keep yourself away from arguments and fights.
  5. Daily Excercise – It is very vital for you to do exercise on daily basis. It will increase your blood circulation and give relief to your mind and body from all sorts of physical stress.
  6. Meditate – Take out 20 – 30 mins of your time to meditate on a daily basis. You can do it inside your home. However, meditating in an open environment surrounding greenery can be more beneficial for relief and to overcome anxiety and stress.
  7. Focus On Your Goals – Work hard, be consistent, and focus on your goals.
  8. Practice To Control Your Emotions – You should practice controlling your anger and emotions.
  9. Don’t Expect From People – Don’t keeps expectations from the creations, Expect from the creator.

The least we can do for society is to create a positive and healthy environment and to provide care to mentally ill people so that they can get adequate support.

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