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Chicken corn soup- Easy to make!

Starters which are healthy yet light and delicious are very difficult to find but are we forgetting on yummy corn soups? Full of nutrition and delicious ingredients which includes egg, chicken, pepper, vinegar and a pinch of salt with Soya sauce. There are extremely ways to prepare this mouth watering starter and I can help you with creating one right below:


The ingredients that you need:

half cup boil chicken

2 cups of chicken stock

1 table spoon vinegar

1 table spoon Soya sauce

1 egg

half tea spoon of black pepper

salt as you like according to your taste

corn flour half spoon only


Boil 2 cups of chicken stock and put the boiled chicken in it, adding all the other ingredients in it. Let the stock cook for at least 2 mins and keep adding corn flour till the mixture gets thick, In the end add up corn and keep the flame low and don’t mix it much. Serve and enjoy!

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