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Karachiites wakes up to the coldest morning of the month!

Weather forecast reported that With chilly Siberian winds taking over, Karachiites experienced  the coldest morning of the month as the temperature hit 14.5°C. Are you excited? Well I am.

According to the weather reporty, the city will see a high of 29°C and the lowest temperature will hit around 15°C with 13% cloud cover during the day while humidity will remain at 40%.

The weather outlook issued by Pakistan Meteorological Department forecasts dry weather with cool night and hazy/ misty mornings likely to prevail over Sindh in the month of November.

Every year, incoming cold and dry Siberian winds bring brief cold spells to the region, dropping the temperatures as low as 10°C.

The month of November in Karachi typically has warm days and cool nights. A gradual decrease in temperature is usually witnessed during the last weeks of the months as winter begins. It is one of the driest month of the year for the city.

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