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Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabelo- the perfect duo!

The most recent and tredning couple and ofcoure our favourite Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello are stronger than ever, Shawn in a recent interview let out all the inside secrtes about his love life with Camila Cabelo.

He added that due to her, Camila, his whole idea and perception about love has completely changed, took a 360 degree turn.

In a recent interview with Elton John, Mendes said quitw a few things about her, he said that Cabello has a very calming influence on him’. He also added that he doest know if it was something that was a ‘me thing’ or a ‘men thing,’ but he thinks for seven years, he was on such a speedy path down one way with blinders on, and he wasn’t keeping in touch with his family and friends…but when he landed with Camila, immediately she had her family around more,” Mendes added. She’s all about the family and friends, and it really made him like, ‘Oh, I should call my mom.’ he started reaching back out to his family and friends and all of these connections he felt were further away…he also felt a little bit alone out there and she changed that for him.”

Mendes also said Cabello has a positive influence on his music as well.

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