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As we all are aware that the people living in Pakistan are more interested to talk about other people and judge them even if they just met them once or are strangers.

We see this menace drastically growing within our society.

Artists, Politicians, Diplomats, Influencers, and people from all backgrounds, caste, religions, and professions are judged by the general public. However, even with family, many relatives try to drool over and gossip about their relatives and judge them on matters they don’t have any idea about.
Around the world, we have noticed that this menace is limited and people are interested in their lives and busy growing themselves. Therefore, they are more successful and mentally healthy as compared to the people in our region.
We live in an age where it is so easy to judge everyone because we are all living our lives on a global stage. If we have a social media presence, we are out there for all to see and comment on.
People are eager to give their opinions about other people’s lives and choices. It has become a favorite pastime.

Snarky, rude comments on others’ posts seem to bring a sense of satisfaction to our egos.

We hope that such issues do not escalate and increase from day to day and authorities and impactful personnel should take notice to spread awareness and divert people from being so keen on judging others. #haveaselflife

Every day, we have an opportunity to be a light in the world, to raise the vibrational energy around us, and to be an agent of conciliation and healing. Let’s don’t waste those opportunities by making snap judgments about others that keep them, and us, stuck in the dark. The world needs our light. Go. Be Light.

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