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Discipline a tool for success beyond motivation.

I used to think that motivation was everything and there was a time when it seemed like it.
It was the buzz word in business, in sports, and in almost every aspect of life. We all bought into it.

Everyone with an ounce of charisma become a motivational speaker now a days.

We bought podcasts of the best motivational speakers, followed their social media accounts, and invested in their books.
Moreover. These Hollywood/Bollywood movies have created the expectation that what stands between us and the lives we want is just a good dose of motivation.
However, I quickly realized that although motivation is vitally important in most of what we do, it’s nowhere near as important for success as we are led to believe.

By a surge of “good feeling” hormones that give you that “let’s go” feeling.

However, Positive feelings can be drowned by overwhelmingly negative feelings like fear or doubt when those arise.

In the drudgery of the search for achievement, we may not feel motivated but we still need to press on for.

The memory of how you were motivated cannot be enough to keep you focused and working the way you should. I actually believe that motivation plays a much smaller role than we have given it credit for.

You see, motivation is like a spark plug.

It gets you started and gets you to get up and move but once the feeling dissipates, discipline takes over.
I credit motivation for getting the process started but people who rely only on it are those that will most likely drop the hard stuff when they no longer “feel” motivated.

Disciplined people will see it through.

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