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The Torajans and their petrifying culture!

Residents of Toraja, locals to an indigenous mountain region in Indonesia have a very creepy and deranged annual ritual that will shock and creep you out!

They dig up the graves of their loved ones once a year, take the bodies out and celebrate the lives of the deceased, with the deceased!

In a festival known as Ma’Nene, the dead bodies are taken out of their coffins, cleaned and dressed up in a new clothes.

Relatives from far and wide join in the festivities of Ma’Nene feasting, swapping stories and honouring their deceased loved ones.

food, water and even cigarettes and cigars are offered to the deceased as it is believed that the spirits of the ones who have passed away, remain close to the body and crave care, attention and affection.

The bodies are preserved very well with the use of preservatives so as to make the appearance of the bodies more appealing when they are dug out, skin and all.

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