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No makeup, tight jeans, Hazara University Issues New Dress code!

This just in the Hazara University administration has on Saturday rolled out new dress-code policy for its student which according to provincial advisor on education this was done to end disparity between the rich and poor. The notification which came out today issued by the university restricts both female and male students from wearing certain things as part of a new dress code policy.



Male students are advised to wear dress shirts and pants with formal shoes or qamees and shalwar with coats, waist coats and, jackets but are barred to wear earrings or carry long hair.On the other hand, female students are encouraged to wear Abaya, Hijab, and scarf but it the university forbids them to wear jeans, t-shirts, and heavy makeup and jewelry. Female students can wear qamees with full sleeves and shalwar but they are not allowed to wear tights

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