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Atif Aslam appreciates PM Imran Khan for how he’s dealing with this pandemic

With Covid-19’s rapid spread, governments are doing all they can to slow down the virus and Atif Aslam wants to appreciate ours for its hard work.

In a post on Instagram, the singer showered appreciation on PM Imran Khan for his swift actions to contain the coronavirus.

“I just wanted to appreciate PM Imran Khan for taking the necessary precautions and measures to deal with this pandemic,” said Aslam.

“And I want to tell everyone to look after themselves and the people around them in the capacity that they can.”

“I don’t want anything from the government, I don’t want anything from anyone… But I just wanted to appreciate our PM for everything that [he’s] doing, for the steps that [he’s] taking.

He went to to address the PM saying, “At this time, we are all with you and if you ever need our help, whatever we can do, we’ll be there. Long live Pakistan.”

Maybe we’d feel better if we had an online concert from Aslam to listen to… just saying!

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