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Karachi belittled everytime!

It would’nt be wrong if we say that Karachi seems to be like a left baby.

Over the past few decades we have seen Karachi being ignored from any major infrastructural or economical development. However, every politician has always promised to make Karachi more advance but never fulfilled the promises.

Karachi has undoubtedly been the economic bank and engine of the country. But the return which the city has recieved over the years has been completely vice-versa.

Whether it be transportation in terms of supply chain or normal traffic, roads, infrastructure, water, electricity, gas, and the list goes on and on… Karachites have always been deprived from these to a certain extent.

Finally, some good news is coming regarding the development of the city. However, its high time to stand up and raise voice to propel the authorities to give Karachi the importance and consideration it actually deserves.

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