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Studies have shown that pulses, the food group that includes beans, lentils and peas, improve your body’s ability to burn calories and fat, which may be the missing link to helping you slim down.

Health benefits of beans

Packed with fiber, iron, vitamins and protein, there are a number of  health benefits to eating more beans.

If you’re looking for less gluten, beans, lentils and peas are a great way to enrich your diet.

Low in fat

Beans are also cholesterol-free, which keeps your heart happy.

Inexpensive source of protein

Beans are a protein powerhouse with the added bonus of being much lower in saturated fat than animal proteins and much less expensive. A great source of protein, replacing a hamburger with a black bean burger will help you feel full longer due to its fiber content.

Storage Time

Dried beans hold on to their nutritional value for up to three years even if you store in your kitchen.

Beans come in every shape, size, color and flavor you can think of. Dried beans are naturally very low in sodium.

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