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Exclusive Interview with Mr.Nauman Khan – CEO of Dabur Pakistan

  1. Tell us about your professional journey and How Dabur became a part of your life?

My main learning ground was Unilever, where I grew up the ranks from a Management Trainee to Director Sales. They were the most enriching 10 years of my life. I then joined Red Bull as Country Head and headed the company for another 5 years. Next, I joined Dabur and I have been associated with it for almost 5 years as well, looking after the West Asian Region.

  1. How do you balance your personal and professional life?

Work-life balance is a major priority for many of us, but finding a company that actively supports that goal can be challenging. However, I am lucky to be part of one. Family time is equally important.

Furthermore, we have inculcated a culture where we make sure that we maintain this balance in all departments down the line as well.

  1. What was the path you took to get to where you are today?

To me, Honesty, Integrity and Discipline are the most important traits a person should have. One should be disciplined enough to value time and use it wisely.

Secondly, in a leadership position, having the right people for the job is also critical. Organizations are made of people and the right people make all the difference.

Lastly, in these ever-changing times, one needs to be brave to re-think their organizations. One needs to maneuver the organization according to changing market dynamics to continue growing.


  1. How do you tend to maintain brand positioning and personality in highly competitive market?

Our brands are unique, well researched and developed with strong consumer insights. That’s why, we are market leaders in the most of the categories that we operate in be it Hair Oils with brands like Dabur Amla Hair oil & Vatika, or Digestive with brand like Dabur Hajmola.

  1. What are major challenges you’re facing today after the global pandemic?

With every challenge, comes an opportunity! Where we are faced challenging times due to pendemic, we have also cashed in on the opportunities as well and grown our business by launching products like Hand Sanitzers.

This pandemic has also exposed the weaknesses of our business as well and has enabled us to make our systems and processes even stronger and robust. We have also taken tough calls as I mentioned before. Nobody thought working from home would be possible or even acceptable a year ago. But we have implemented it and continue to do so still, without affecting our productivity.

  1. What are your outside interests?

This a secret not many people know about me .  I am an avid Motorsports Enthusiast and a 4×4 Rally Racer! I have been competing in most of the Rallies held in Pakistan every season for the last 10 years and mashallah, last year, I have had my best season yet, having achieved all the main rallies with three 1st positions and one 2nd.

  1. What do you feel is the biggest strength of your company?

I would say the biggest strength are my company’s “People”. We have the most professional, dedicated and a smart team working for us. It is this team that has developed these brands to where they are today, in the market leadership position in practically every category we operate in from Hair oils to digestives, like Hajmola.

  1. What has been the defining point of your life?

I would say the most defining moment of my life was when I made my first job switch from Unilever, and joined Red Bull. This was personally a huge move for me. In that role I was living a dream – many would only aspire. I was leaving an organization that taught me everything there was to know about the FMCG business. But, when I moved out, I realized how different the dynamics were. Here, I had to quickly learn the new ways of working from a structured to a highly competitive hands on – people driven organization.  It was here I realized how resilient and agile I had to become to succeed.

  1. Do you have any plans to bring in new innovative products for your brand?

Yes! Many!

Pakistan market is full of opportunities and we intend to give our consumers the best of herbal natural solutions to their everyday problems.

  1. Any message for the readers?

My advice to would be to get into the habit of “seeking knowledge”. This can come from books, to internet to any other means. Technology has made everything easy and possible. If we continue to seek knowledge, we will continue to find it… and that is the only way forward to become the best of ourselves and for our country, the beautiful, Pakistan!

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