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Through different walks of life we all have met those kind of people who take so much pride in their knowledge of a second language that they dub it superior than their own – excluding themselves from the majority as the ‘educated niche’.

Just a language or merely a representation of being educated in the society.

The society is filled with such people who think knowing a second language makes them unique and more educated compared to others. In our daily life, people from all fractions of life face such people who over exaggerate there personality and try to demean and demotivate others by showing themselves superior just by conversing in a different language.

This is not the first time an employer has treated an employee with such gesture and such FOOTAGE’S have not went viral on social media platforms for the first time.

As recently,  owners of a high-end eatery in Islamabad, who recently gave a dressing down to their manager for his lack of proficiency in English, issued a supposed ‘apology’ on Thursday after the footage went viral for humiliating the staffer.


Is it GOing to end after an apology? Or we all need to stand up and MAKE SOCIETY EDUCATIONAL CENTER TO TEACH such mindset OF our society TO be more REALIZING, empathizing and caring TOWARDS OTHERS.


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