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An Exclusive Interview with Anam Siddiqui CEO – Paragon Developers

How did you start your company?

My father, Chairman Paragon Group of Companies, laid the foundation of Paragon Constructors, our flagship company, in 1991. As the group moved into the next generation, and having already established ourselves in piling and ready-mix, I felt we could expand ourselves vertically forward to deliver what we make. With that mindset, and finding the right opportunity at the right time, we branched into Paragon Developers.

What keeps you motivated?

I like to see things through and venturing into development holds that true for me every day. The wholesome feeling of starting from scratch and seeing your project come to life is my biggest motivator. From exploring viable investment opportunities all the way through delivering it to end users, it is a very fulfilling journey and keeps me going every day.

What’s the current project that you are working on?

I’m currently working on an upcoming project. People Magazine and my readers will in fact be the first to hear about it. It’s still in the pipeline so I can’t disclose much details, but I can surely tell you it’s even more promising than our past projects. Nestled by the golf course, the views are serene.

What is the one thing that sets your company apart?

The credibility of our name. There is no short cut to building goodwill and Paragon has achieved this through peoples trust. And that has built over time, by delivering what we promise, maintaining premium quality, and assuring client satisfaction. The trust and security attached with Paragon’s name, is our biggest asset and what sets us apart.

How do you manage your personal and professional life with this busy schedule?

One word, prioritizing! I feel one can achieve far more if you plan before hand, organize, and prioritize. I owe this to my mom. Being in the habit of setting schedules and maintaining to do lists from a very young age, taught me how to manage my time efficiently.

Being a mother to two beautiful girls and being a very hands-on-mom, did leave me in mom guilt when I initially assumed this promising role. But developing weekly planners and prioritizing helped me maintain an optimal balance between the two over time. You can make time for a lot more if you organize beforehand.

Any message or advice for our readers.

My advice would be to not always follow advice. It is wise to seek guidance, be open to ideas and looking at things through different perspectives but when it comes to deciding for yourself, never be discouraged to pursue something, specially if it’s the fear of failing that’s stopping you. When it’s a tough one, trust your gut! If you want to achieve something, if you want to make a difference, push yourself out of your comfort zone. We all have the potential. It’s just about exercising it and pushing your boundaries. Be open to possibilities and don’t be afraid of change. The drive to learn to fly, and the willingness to let go its current state, is what gives a caterpillar wings!

Tell us about your career – who inspired and supported you most in your career?

My parents and husband! Being the eldest of four sisters, there was never a discrimination in roles. Hence I grew up believing that anything is possible as long as you believe in yourself and have the drive to pursue your passion. My parents instilled the drive of being a high achiever from a very young age. I learnt from my father to “own my decisions”, whether right or wrong. And the power that comes from not fearing the outcome is unmatchable! That inspiration coupled with my husband’s support has been my biggest strength. I still remember the time while I was pursuing my masters degree, working at a multinational, and expecting my first child at the same time. One would think I’d settle for less, but I in fact graduated as valedictorian.

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