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Exclusive Interview With Humayun Alamgir

Describe yourself in one word.



If not a designer, what profession would you opt for?

I was playing cricket professionally so I would have probably persuade that.


Did you face any hurdles on the path towards your career growth?

My goal is still not complete and I face hurdles every day, every minute, every month. It just pushes me more.


How do you find a balance between your personal and professional life?

I am still looking for it. I still haven’t found the right balance but it’s really hard. But it can be done of course.


What would you like to say to your followers?

Keep supporting not just me but all the local designers including interior designers, fashion designers, and photographers, stylish all comes in the same category. I would request all our followers and fans in Pakistan to follow and support all the local people here.

Are you working on any upcoming campaigns?

Yes, the Eid Campaign will be coming up soon.


Do you think it is essential to have an educational background regarding the fashion industry?

I personally think either you have an educational background or either you have a practical background. Whether you practice it being on the job or you educate yourself about it. So either one.


What is the characteristic that makes your collection so quirky? Why does it stand out?

I make a collection and I divide that into two, one is that very wearable and one is that I want to make, be it colors or cuts I just don’t stop myself from going to that creative path.


What challenges did you face during covid?

Covid was very tough to be honest, we were closed for almost two months straightaway. But by the grace of Allah, I don’t know how and what happened that we created our online store during those times and it just boomed at that time and we survived through the online sales.


Even it comes to photography, who do you like to work with alongside?

shahbaz shazi, I have always worked with him and only with him.


Tell us more about your hidden talents.

I’m a good sportsman, and now I’m trying to be a better spokesman as well. Also I want to educate people about fashion and tell them to be confident about what they want to do in fashion.


Even though your work has been immaculate, are there any specific changes you would like to bring to this industry?

So many, I want to work for the industry. There is a huge gap in our media, shows, what’s going on behind the scenes, behind the camera. There is a lot of talent, and nice people working, we are right here at the top so we should be proud of that and we should show it through the media and digital content that now it’s the time to push the fashion again.


A message for youth?

If you are connected to the fashion industry and if you want to come towards this side, so there are a lot of people here that do not work hard or don’t push themselves daily. So I would want people and youth to push themselves towards extreme. Learn and make mistakes, don’t be afraid of making mistakes. Everything is possible. And I’m always here to help if someone’s needs it in my department. Always listen to your parents, pray 5 times a day and the rest will come to you.

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