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The handsome actor Shan Baig is now making waves!

Shan Baig (born on 23 October 1990) is an ambitious actor and a model born and raised in the city of Chicago, Illnois. His life has been a series of remote juggling between the cities of Karachi and Chicago. Shan Baig is a passionate individual with an electrifying personality that never fails to dazzle all those around him. Shan has always been intrigued by acting and initially made dubs-mash videos for the sake of fun and his potent talent did not fail to shine through. His friend Zara Khan (an actor) from India pushed him to pursue his career in acting.

Shan Baig has worked on numerous projects and Ruk do shadi, Babul ka angna, Roshi, Manjhdhar, Isha ya rabba, Hum usi ke hain, Malamir, Glas tora bara ana, Enaya, Thora sa haq are to name a few. Shan made his debut in a telefilm, “Rok do Shadi” which he recalls to be quite successful in response from the audience. “I had no prior experience of acting when I was offered the script but I surely received great feedback from the audience which lead me to other great projects.” He stated.

Shan recollects “Enayaa” to be one of the most successful projects that he has worked on. It was a web series for Eros now India and it was a new experience for him as he had to work with a stellar cast, films sets- studio dubbings which converge to be a film-like experience it.

For any story to come to life, one must be able to relate to it” he believes. Apart from acting, Shan Baig has also proven to be a heartthrob in the modeling industry and has walked the ramp for many designers; I love acting. Acting is my forte, I have walked the runway a few times just for fun but acting is where I get the real thrill from and life is certainly boring if there’s no stimulation in it.” He said.

Shan Baig is a self-made man and all that he is today is because of his diligence and hard work. He started from scratch and is making his way up the ladder to great heights.
Shan Baig’s role in the web series was that of a negative character which had quite a few variations that made him excel and bring out the evil side in him. The character was a polar opposite of his actual personality and that came about as a challenge for him but being the tenacious self he excelled at Shan Baig has a few more imminent projects. He wishes to take the role of an Army officer if given the opportunity as he is greatly mesmerized by the services they perform for their country and would thus, like to live it in the reel life if not for the real life. Shan believes that there are many challenges that an individual has to counter while being in this industry and for him it is to be relatable and truthful.” to learn a lot from him, “I remember him telling me to walk the ramp as if I owned it and pretend Deepak Perwani, Nauman Arefeen, Sastre and Humayoun Alamgir are a few to name. For Shan, HSY’s show was a rocking experience as he got
to be coming out as if I’m coming out of my private jet” said Shan Baig. However Shan would always prefer acting over modeling, “
His dad’s acting career was very short lived and Shan Baig was not even born before he left the industry and moved abroad. Shan grew up watching few of his films like, “Bemisaal”, “Naukar” and “Ishq Ishq” which
were directed by a renowned director Shabab Karanvi in the late 70’s. Shan’s father taught him how to embody a character while one moves around the set, doing gestures, or using mannerisms while speaking. If there was one advice that Shan could give his fledgling self, it would be to never trust any mans word in this line of work.

To all those who are setting in a tenderfoot in this field Shan advises, “Every single character brings with it ignorance and a sense of insecurity, and so you have to approach it with curiosity and humility. I’m always nervous, it doesn’t matter how many times I’ve done this, but I remind myself that it is because I care. You may fail a million times but you will get it a little better each time. Keep going and keep hustling.

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