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Shaniera Akram says only public can stop coronavirus from spreading

Shaniera Akram has once again urged people to stay at home saying that people are the only ones who can stop coronavirus from spreading.

Shaniera, who has been trying to spread awareness about the novel coronavirus, has said that “scientists, doctors and politicians cannot stop the virus from spreading. People are the only ones who can.”

She went on to say, “We can’t leave this all up to them. We need to play our part too!”


Earlier, Shaniera had tweeted, “Make all the excuses you want, but every time one of us breaks quarantine, it’s pretty much the equivalent to laughing in the face of a healthcare worker!”

“Look around you now. Look at your children, your loved ones, even your own reflection. Every time you leave the house unnecessarily, these are the lives you’re putting at risk. Because of your actions, these people might end up lying in a hospital bed, alone, not being able to breath!”

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