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Kate Middleton opens up about her hobby during lockdown

The Duchess of Cambridge has little time left for herself as she is spending the busiest life during the ongoing health crisis.

Kate Middleton has revealed the hobby she’s been mastering in lockdown during coronavirus pandemic.

The royal dignitary, with home-schooling her three children, is volunteering and doing royal duties via video calls.

Speaking to ‘This Morning’ presenters on Thursday, Kate revealed that she has used some of it to master a hobby that she loves photography.

When asked what tips she could give to someone who wanted to learn photography, Kate responded: “Well I am very much an amateur photographer. I’ve sort of learned along the way but during this time I’ve spent lots of time picking up my camera and taking photographs of the children because they are always around us when we are doing stuff together, which has been great.”

The Duchess then gave out some great tips. “One of the fantastic things about photography is really capturing that moment so it’s not staged, it’s not clearing your house so you have that perfect studio set up. It’s really capturing those moments that feel real to you.”

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