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Mashal Khan strikes back at Ali Ansari by flaunting her engagement ring!

Recently we saw Ali Ansari getting engaged to Saboor Aly, which came as a shock for a lot of people as many of us thought that he was going out with Mashal Khan but his engagement pictures and news proved that it was all in the past and that he is finally moving forward.

Everyone started praising the couple and poured best wishes for the couple. Many people even asked about Mashal Khan.

After seeing their engagement pictures, we then came across a picture of Mashal Khan where she was seen flaunting her engagement ring. Which actually left us wondering if she did that deliberately or was it just a co incidence.

Here’s the picture she shared on her instagram account:



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A post shared by Mashal Khan (@mashalkh)

Well, what do you think about this do let us know in the comments below. Even if this is actually true that Mashal Khan is engaged then we wish her all the best for her life ahead.

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