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Ali Ansari shared a heart touching moment from his Baat Pakki to actress Saboor Aly.

Posting on his Instagram account the Pakistani star shared a photo where the 26-year-old actress was clearly seen in tears while Ali himself could be seen looking sad.


In the caption he enlightened that how in the cheeriest moments of their lives they were missing their parents.


Saboor having lost her mother and her fiancée having lost his father were emotional about their absence in the lives’ important event of their life.


“This picture is worth more than a thousand words. The tears falling down her face told me how much she was missing her mother, and deep down in my heart I was missing my father,” he wrote.


“As much as we wished they were with us to be part of and share our happiness, we both know they are in a better place smiling from up above and sending down their blessings.


“For everyone out there, value, respect and spend time with your loved ones. Here is to new beginnings and all kinds of emotions. I got you,” he wrote.


Saboor commented on the post expressing how her late mother would have been very happy if she was alive.


“My mother would have been very happy for me today, I am so happy to have found a companion like you. Thankyou for everything,” she commented.



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