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Prince William and Duchess Kate launches their own YouTube channel

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge recently launched their own YouTube channel, which will feature exclusive clips from their official royal engagements, and we’re here for the upcoming content.

With more than two million views on their first video less than a day after it was posted, fans were both shocked and pleasantly surprised to see categories from ‘mental health’ to their time spent in the ‘early years,’ as well as a comprehensive video list of their ‘engagements’ for anyone who’s interested.

Pointing at the camera, the Duke tells his wife to be careful of what she says because “they’re filming everything,” and Kate replies with a laughing “I know.”

With more than 10,000 comments and counting, we can’t wait to see what’s up next for the royals.

After this their another video was actually disliked by thousands of people. Their video has been liked by more than 10,000 people while there were over 9000 people who didn’t like their first clip.

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