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What do Nauman Ijaz has to reveal?

Nauman Ijaz, a senior actor of the Pakistani showbiz industry, has uncovered the biggest lie told across the globe.


Veteran actor Nauman Ijaz, who is more active on social media and garners praise from fans with his interesting posts, has shared a new photo with attractive actor Imran Abbas to his official Instagram account.


Nauman Ijaz is donned in black suit while Imran Abbas is wearing a royal blue suit, and both the hereos are wearing glasses.


Nauman Ijaz wrote in the caption, “Duniya kay saray jhoot aik taraf aur

Looks don’t matter walla jhoot aik taraf.”


Talking about his fellow actor Imran Abbas, he wrote, “Good to see him after ages…imran is a beautiful soul.Allah bless him.”


Earlier, in a message posted to social media, Nauman Ijaz while addressing his friends and loved ones, said that they should meet him as long as he is breathing and alive. “Zinda houn tu mil lia karo”.


The actor often wins over the hearts of fans by sharing interesting and meaningful posts on social media which also pertain to current events.

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