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Did you catch DJ Bravo’s song on the coronavirus?

Remember DJ Bravo? He’s back with a new song based on Covid-19.

The West Indies cricketer who previously went viral for song ‘Champion’ (sorry if that got stuck in your head just now) shared that his fans had been asking him to do a Corona song… so he delivered.

Track ‘We are not giving up’ has been described by the performer as “A Positive Song during this Outbreak!”

You can immediately tell the video’s been shot at home and considering the importance of social distancing at this crucial time, we appreciate it. The song itself, with it’s very catchy beat, timely refers to the dire situation and spares a thought for all countries that have been severely affected by the spread Covid-19.

And of course, it makes sure to mention safety precautions like washing your hands. Seriously guys, wash your hands.

Said Bravo in his teaser post, “As we all know this is a very sad moment for us all and times like this we have to stick together and fight this battle.”

“On this Outbreak due to Pandemic, My Heartful Prayers to all of you out there! Lets fight together.”

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