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Everything you need to know about Instagram’s anti-bullying tools that hide offensive comments

Instagram, the photo-sharing app owned by Facebook, has taken a step to put an end to abusive and obscene content circulating on social media by automatically removing obscene comments from users’ posts.

According to Techcrunch, the photo-sharing app on its 10th birthday launched several new features, including a private “Stories Map,” offering a retrospective of the stories you’ve shared over the last three years, a pair of well-being updates, and the previously announced IGTV Shopping update.

Moreover, comments promoting vulgar and slanderous content on the photo-sharing app will now automatically disappear from the application.

The company, in a statement said, that comments that have been reported or blocked by users in the past will now automatically disappear on Instagram.

Instagram said the company will detect obscene and vulgar comments under its Artificial Intelligence system and that the users will be able to see missing comments when they click on “View Hidden Comments”.

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