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This Summer, Stylize Your Bathroom with All-new Towels from Ideas Home

The sizzling summer season calls for a refreshing start to your day and what better way to kick-start your mornings than a fresh batch of towels. To assist you with your selfcare-Sunday, Saturday and every other day of the week, Ideas Home has launched their newest, the plushiest and most absorbent towel range yet.


Elevate your bath essentials starting from just PKR 525. Choose from a variety of colors, sizes, patterns and types – Combed cotton, Jacquard and Zero Twist to name a few. With so many options to choose from, we are here to help you with your bath linen upgrade. From choosing the right color and pattern to deciding on the perfect size this blog will help you stylize your most used yet underrated room of the house – the bathroom.

We are huge advocates of color theory and hence believe that the colors of your surroundings play a huge role in how you feel about the space. This summer, you can update the feel of your bathroom with a completely new color theme.

While vibrant colors help wake you up, neutral shades with subtle accents are more calming. A basic bathroom update begins with a change in color. For instance, you can create a stimulating look with brighter hues or you can go for a pastel look that will help create a serene vibe in a smaller space.

We also recommended sticking to one color family and layering various tones. Add visual interest to your setting by adding patterns into the mix. According to interior design gurus with a knack for bathroom decor, adding patterns is best achieved within the same or a complimentary color family to your plain towels. Get yourselves a plain face or hand towel and pair it with differently patterned bath towel and bath sheet for the perfect looking stack.

Styling a space gives us internal peace and a smart edge to the space in question. Today, we are sharing some of our favorite towel styling ideas with you because we believe towels are often seen as purely functional items. While they are, by all means functional, we cannot stress on this enough that how they look is equally important.

Hanging your towels on the rail is great, but there are at least 4 different ways you can display your towels and here they are:

Style them on the bathroom vanity! This is the most basic yet effective way of styling your towels. Simply put, grab a hand towel/washcloth/ face towel and fold it up nicely on top of your bath towel or bath sheet. Stack them up size wise starting from the biggest size.

You can also fold it on the portable caddy. The idea here is simple. Fold up the towels and stack them in order of size in different sections of the caddy. This way each member of the family gets their own personalized space. You will get organization, style and hygienic all in one.

Another way is hanging it over a ladder. Sounds convenient right? Not only that, it looks extremely chic as well.

Last and our most favorite style – folding our towels in a rattan basket! The right amount of smart and style you need in your bathroom. A rattan basket will also add some softness to the otherwise cold and hard structure.


We are getting our summer mood on with our fresh batch of towels from Ideas Home latest launch. To our collective delight, Ideas Great Summer Sale has discounts on bath linen of up to 70% OFF! You can shop at and enjoy FREE nationwide delivery.


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