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You Only Live Once

“You only live once, but if you live it right, once is enough” Mae West. 

“You only live once” is the quote or, for some people, a motivation that inspires and encourage people to do what they want to. Because you only have one life, you have to think more carefully about how to live it without any regrets.

Living once is something that maybe you can only explain to yourself that how fully you want to enjoy or how fully you want to accomplish something in life. The transcendentalist believes in self-reliance, individualism and inner spiritual beliefs, just like any person who wants to live their life to the fullest. A person’s appreciation and positivity are highly rewarding, which will result in living life to its fullest. Do not look back at the past it is just a waste of time. Look to the future with new dreams, hope and enthusiasm. 

“To be great is to be misunderstood.” Emerson 186.

Nothing is more honest than what goes in an individual own mind and heart. All we have is right now, yesterday passed already, and tomorrow is not granted. Right now is what we are given. Embrace your “right now” and enjoy every minute of it. Live a fulfilled life, one where happiness outweighs sorrow, where your heart is clean, and love is evident.

A person’s appreciation and positivity are highly rewarding, which will result in living life to its fullest. We are all placed on earth for a purpose, find yours and follow your dreams. Live by example and always show pure love to those that are in need of it. We are all going to leave this world; it’s just a matter of time for all of us. So let’s leave a legacy that we can be proud of.

Life is a roller coaster and as long as you stay on it, you will get to the end.

Forgive those that have wronged you. Our time on this earth is limited so let’s make every moment we have count. What I learned from my experience is that you actually live once. The time that flew will never turn back and say that you can have me once again. What has gone has gone. You are only left with little regrets and words like if and I wish. Every day is a new day. Try to achieve what you wanted to when you were a kid. Because YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE(YOLO)

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