Excellent brows are a whole new game and a person works tirelessly to achieve that look. At one point in the 90s skinny brows were a thing but now fuller, feather brows are a thing. Eyebrows complete a look like no other and a little bit of glow with some highlighter and mascara really levels up the game. You will definitely look super natural in the best way if you’ve perfectly made brows.

Try to elongate your brows and bring the tail end upward which will draw a lot of attention. Normally women bring the arch down but if you try to straighten it out a bit in shape and then elongate it will give your face a lift and make it look more natural.

Brush hairs upwards. 

Brows have made an evolution and now they’re all about a supernatural fluffy look. There are many products that can make your shape stay. There are multiple brow gels out there the process overall is easier. These products overall make sure the eyebrows are held in place and they last all day long.

Asian eyebrows are ideal. They are dark and fluffy, every woman’s dream. Push them further up and brush them nicely, fill where ever there are sparse area’s and viola! You’ll get fuller bigger brows. If you don’t have much hair then you can use your brown pen in certain areas. You can draw your brow line by line, give hair-like strokes it will give you the illusion of real eyebrow.


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