5 trends we’re already seeing everywhere

From International Fashion to Pakistani runways these trends are everywhere, from hats to big chunk earrings, iconic headpieces and glasses. Their is no stopping in between.

Here, five of the biggest accessories trends that you can start wearing immediately. There’s a little something for all tastes, from raffia details for the boho babe to minimalist for the slicker look.

1: Natural Accents bags: From bamboo to, furs and like raffia and woven straw instantly bring a warm-weather vibe to any outfit.

2: Earrings: Chains to studded with establishments everything is trending.

3: Sunglasses: From retro to classic, cat eye to huge frames all is in this summer.

4: Necklace: Layered and chokers with establishments, this summer its all about going extra.

5: Sneakers: Futuristic and highend sneakers are  in for this summer.


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