8 Foods that naturally whiten your teeth

Are you tired of having yellow and dirty looking teeth even after taking care of so much, whitening treatments but still end up having the same condition again and again.

So we did our research and found foods that have natural whitening agent in them,  Not only can the right foods and drinks help scrub away stains and make your teeth look brighter, but some can also actually strengthen your jaw from the inside, and make them whiter on the outside.

So here is your guide for naturally whiten food you can eat:

Cheese: It’s rich in the enamel strengtheners calcium and phosphorus, and it helps whiten your teeth.

Apple: Texture of apples acts as a gentle abrasive to scrub away the plaque that can leave your teeth looking dull.

Plain Yoghurt: Yoghurt is rich in calcium, which is essential for keeping your teeth looking healthy and bright. Calcium-rich foods help strengthen the enamel, the outer layer of teeth that give them their whiteness.

Milk: Drink up for stronger bones, and whiter teeth. Milk is another top source of both calcium and phosphorus. Keep in mind that the mineral content goes up as the fat content goes down, so you’ll get the most of both nutrients from skim milk.

Carrot: Crunchy texture can actually help scrub your teeth clean and whiten them.

Strawberries: Not only will they not stain your teeth red, but strawberries may also help make your teeth appear brighter and whiter.They contain an enzyme called malic acid that works as a natural astringent to remove surface discolouration.

Celery: Fibrous stalks with your jaw and helps scrape away stain-causing plaque.


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