Due to the poor condition of the F9 Park restaurant building, the management of the Capital Development Agency (CDA) decided to convert it into a museum.
management was also dissatisfied with the carpet on the streets of F11 and G9.
In addition, Islamabad’s Metropolitan Corporation (MCI) was hired to refurbish the gym between F11 and G11.
Saturday was a civil service holiday, but CDA President Amer Ali Ahmed visited different parts of the city throughout the day and made many decisions. He was accompanied by a civil servant.

F9 Park seemed to be in good shape, but there was one broken hall in the middle of the park.
Amer Ali Ahmed told Dawn that the building, which covers an area of ​​about 3,000 square meters, is intended for restaurants.
“But the city hasn’t had a good experience with restaurants in the park, so I decided to turn it into a history museum displaying materials such as photographs and videos related to the city.
” The idea was that Islamabad It’s about letting people know how they were born and how they evolved. I hope the museum attracts a lot of people, especially tourists, “he said.

Mr. Ahmed also visited the park under construction between F11 and G11, ordered the unresolved work to be completed within two days, and said that if he did not follow the instructions, strict measures would be taken against the authorities. I warned.
“We ordered the park to have lights because it’s our culture to go for a walk after sunset. The park also has sidewalks and bike paths,” he said, of the MCI-run G11. He also went to the gym and added that he was suffering from poor cleanliness.
“The windows were covered with paper and no one seemed to be assigned to clean the hall,” said the CDA chair. According to an official statement of
, Amer Ali Ahmed also observed expansion work in various parts of the city and ordered it to accelerate work on the road surface.

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