A healthy lifestyle!

We have all read and saw how people who shed weight end-up gaining it overtime again. Only about 20% of dieters who start are successful. The rest lose motivation and keep putting it off but, this shouldn’t discourage you. In fact, you should remember why you started this in the first place and remember your goal. It’s a game of mind, it you convince yourself and tell yourself you can achieve it nothing will be difficult.

Top reasons why people end-up gaining weight are:

  1. Restrictive diet: don’t restrict your diet so hard as it may slow your metabolism and shift your appetite-regulating hormones, which are both factors that contribute to weight regain.
  2. Wrong mindset: it you think diet is the main key that is where you are WRONG. It’s always a 40:60 where exercise also plays an important role. 
  3. Lack of sustainable habits: there are many habits. You should focus on rules rather than lifestyle changes, which may discourage you and prevent weight maintenance.

Start and get to moving:

Just move, go for a brisk walk, break it in parts and do it. Then slowly start and do exercise. It will help you burn off calories which will increase your metabolism & this will help you achieve energy balance.

When you are in energy balance, it means you burn the same number of calories that you consume. As a result, your weight is more likely to stay the same.

Don’t skip breakfast:

Eat your breakfast, feast like a king! This will help you achieve your maintenance goals. Breakfast eaters tend to have healthier habits overall, such as exercising more and consuming more fiber and micronutrients.

Consume proteins:

Incorporate and eat a rich protein diet it will help you feel full. 

Be mindful of your carbs:

Weight maintenance may be easier to accomplish but you need to be mindful and play closer attention to the kind of carbs you’re taking.

Stay hydrated:

Drinking water is helpful for weight maintenance for a few reasons.

For starters, it promotes fullness and may help you keep your calorie intake in check if you drink a glass or two before meals.

It’s your lifestyle that matters, motivation and faith. If you lack all of that, you’ll definitely not be able to achieve your goals!

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