A neglected Social Problem – In the name of Taboo!

Sexual education! This is one of the controversial subjects in today’s Pakistani society. This very topic is considered as a big taboo, a topic which is stated as shameful, due to which everyone in this society neglects it. The question arises here; why are we so ashamed of educating our own children about sexual related do’s and don’ts? Why can’t we teach them about the right and wrong touch? I know many people would disagree about it but it’s a high time to realize this issue as our foremost concern. It’s a blunt act but necessary for all.

We put efforts in the up-bringing of our children with responsive care, love and knowledge so that they can stand in this society. But what we don’t educate them is about the molestation, sexual assault and consent. As a parent or guardian we fear that this will make our children immoral. If we look at the reported cases there has been a spike in rape, child abuse and adultery cases. Pakistan is witnessing an alarming number of sexual incidents in children & women over the years but we can’t ignore the unreported cases which can raise the toll even more. Exploitation and Sexual Violence against anyone is not acceptable at all.

Many of us are aware of the reported case of Zainab Ansari, a six year child who was abducted. She was found raped and murdered. The family was left devastated after hearing the news, though the culprits were sentenced to death but the abuse didn’t end. Children continue to fall prey to sexual violence. Another case reported for a girl who fell for a guy and was coerced into a sexual encounter that means she was raped without her consent. But the family did not lodge a complaint and stayed quiet. This didn’t surprise me because we are actually facing this kind of stupidity and lack of knowledge. We can only teach them how to talk, laugh and walk but can’t stand for them in such situations as it will affect their so called reputation in the society, what others will say and how they will react is their utmost concern. As we live in a society where others opinions come first.
This is why when a girl is harassed, threatened or raped, she hesitates to discuss it with their parents or family members and the only way she sees to protect herself from all this is attempting a suicide. Most importantly we don’t let our women have her own right on her body after marriage. There is no consent when you’re married; you have to, you have to, because your husband wants it. This is not right it is a marital rape which needs to be addressed and teach your daughter that her consent is important, she owns it and her sexual rights matter but it’s merely done by the parents. Our women suffer through health issues because of her number of pregnancies. But we don’t care. What we care about is our men and their pleasure.

Is this we want? Do we want our children and women to suffer like this? This is it. Protect your child and others so that they are not the next victim of the culprits. We need to assure that our child feels free to tell us or anyone trusted immediately when being touched in an inappropriate manner without being judged, give them confidence while discussing about the sexual abuse. Take action then and there if they are sexually abused, stay centered for your child and trust the things that will be all right when you take protective action. If you don’t take action this time, this might happen with any other person even more brutally. Don’t let your fear protect the culprits. As it is famously said, don’t be ashamed of your child’s story, it will inspire others. Stop fearing and come forward to educate your child if you will not then who will?

Think wisely, the abuse will not stop until you educate them about the sexual activity. It’s an important time as a society so that we learn the difference. This is happening across the board; it’s not restricted to affluent, rural, urban or underprivileged. Education does not hurt but ignorance does, so stand up against all the unexpected obstacles in the future.

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