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A tweet that generated more colorist jobs!

Last August, Patti Smeed put up her picture on Twitter to show her new hair color- which went viral and broke the barriers of age. She got violet streaks on her white hair and wrote “I am 74 years young and had this done to my hair today.” She dint write “I am 74 years old” notice how she broke the stereotype and boldly flaunted her hair. Ever since then her pictures have gained approximately 300,000 likes or more and the entire Social media went crazy! Her thread started to flood with likes and comments and sharing her pictures. Women her age of younger starting sharing their hair colors which ranged from crimson to blue to fuchsia. All bold colors. She was like an inspiration for all.

She isn’t the first woman of her age to go bold but the way she delivered her message and flaunted her picture really made an impact. The entire perspective has shifted of women her age. Ages ago people would find it odd and make fun or women with crazy color hair but now it has become a trend, a fashion statement. The face behind this art is Aura Friedman and he is well known in this industry for great hair transformations. She loves her work and says that women are so liberated. They know what they like, who they are and what they love. In order to make your hair color last longer, you need wash it less frequently and apply hair masks. “You don’t have to wait until you’re 85 to try something new,” she says.

“Colorful hair will make you feel a little braver and more adventurous. One of the things about aging in our country? You feel invisible. I don’t feel invisible.” —Roberta Haze, 84

“There’s a confidence that comes with age. I got it after I retired. You can’t be worried about what other people are thinking about you.” —Irene Coyazo, 72

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