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Abortion disguised as birth control?

We all are aware of how the basic understanding between abortion and birth control is confusing and blurry today. Rights of abortion and birth control were granted to women in western world years ago, yet somehow the more we progress into 21st century things start to revert. The society wants to imprison women back to stone age.

In US women are getting a hard time to get abortion or birth control. The policymakers tried to spin the entire thing around. Women are frustrated and angry. The movements that took place and helped women gain their rights are somehow tainted as “inappropriate, demeaning and anti-culture.”

It is ironic how a country that claims to support women, rights and freedom of speech is involved in oppressing these women. In parts of South Carolina, Mississippi and Georgia women lack basic access to abortion and often travel miles to do so. We only know of places that report such incidents but the hidden truth might be that all States are doing it.

This is one alarming situation. There seems to an endless conflict which is trying to disrupt social order and cohesion. It’s highly disturbing as law makers are trying hard to end the public funding for birth control because they have labeled it under abortion. It’s a constitutional issue today. The Supreme Court of US has placed legal restrictions on abortion and contraceptives. It’s irritating and funny how they don’t think of population control now but are quick to blame China and third world countries.

Even the woman who are important public figures are passing derogative statements.  Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene holds bizarre belief as she states “Contraception stops a woman from becoming pregnant and that Plan B pill kills a baby in the womb once a woman is pregnant.” Civilians and social media called out Congresswoman Marjorie Greene and stated that she doesn’t know about Plan B and she is wrong about it just like she is wrong about everything else. Her understanding about Plan B differs from the original meaning of it. Plan B is a way to stop women from ovulating and thus it prevents them from getting pregnant. Greene needs to educate herself first and then hold important positions in the Parliament.

Mainly, Trump’s administration should be blamed for setting in motion the idea that doctors and professionals including employees should decline treatment of women based around religious beliefs. US has always had people in Senate, Parliament and important leadership positions who were anti-abortion, anti-birth control, anti-lgbt and anti-African Americans. They have always been strong advocates of a certain way of life in which white and wealthy people thrive. They don’t extend the same support to everyone and anything away from the norm is not tolerable to them. Anti-Abortion and anti-birth pills are a threat to them.

Instead of clearing the difference between birth control and abortion they’d go on denying the rights and framing religion to serve their interests. All of this is about hegemony and power. They want the power so they can dictate women and their bodies.


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