Adele explains why she hates using social media.

Adele sheds light on why she hates using social media. She chose to do a digital detox this year as well.

Adele stated that you develop mental health issues and body negativity. She said “I just would find myself not getting my errands done for the day. It’s made to be addictive. It does a very good job of it.”

“There could have been something really pressing I had to do and I wouldn’t get it done because I’d be looking at someone else’s life!”

She also went on to tell the outlet, “Or looking at nail designs or interior design sites or reading hours of news that made me actually feel bad about the world. It just [expletive] set me back. I had to catch up on all of my stuff I had to do.”

This is true, we are so caught up & engaged with things getting digitalised that it has created cumbersome problems for us. We are in what they call as an aggressive competition with our own people. There’s hatred, pressure and lots of ego. Social media generates a visible need for things that we truly don’t need. It becomes toxic for us at a certain point and if we don’t take a break it gets harmful for us!

Adele further says, “I don’t wanna talk to people that I don’t [expletive] know. That doesn’t work for me. I need a human touch. I don’t wanna be sitting in a room on my phone and talking more to people that I don’t [expletive] know than I do know.”

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