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Ali Safina wants Mahira Khan to ‘up her game’ when it comes to acting!

Actor Ali Safina believes superstar Mahira Khan could do more when it comes to acting. He said that he is not fond of Mahira as an actor.

“I think Mahira is beautiful and we like her but acting-wise she needs to up her game, I can talk on my behalf,” said Safina.

Let’s take a step back & recall Ali Safina’s acting, the only thing one can recall is ‘Takkay ki aeygi baraat.’ Who else remembers anything apart from it? Mahira Khan is doing wonders, she has performed in India with the Film industry Guru Shahrukh Khan. 

Why cant we simply adore and appreciate the talent? Why does one need to show resentment and bad mouth somebody else? If you don’t appreciate one’s talent & hard work have the courtesy to remain silent! 

You shouldn’t give your views so openly about someone as incredible as Mahira Khan. If you think she needs to ‘up the game’ let’s try giving you a chance. Apply in a movie staring SRK let’s see what role you get (or don’t even get). 

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