Artificial intelligence: how it is begin used by applications.

Artificial intelligence is now taking over the world, social media applications are now using it to create a more efficient and analysing experience for their customers. One of the social media application is doing the same for its business to capture and create more personalized content for its users.

Take Pinterest, the visual search platform where people discover and save ideas. The company invests heavily in artificial intelligence, often in ways that might not be obvious to a casual user.

According to a report, ” We are constantly experimenting with applications that people can imagine using today, There are AI projects focused on things like self-driving cars, but there’s also the everyday, accessible AI that helps people live better lives now.”

Pinterest follows a simple but often-ignored rule: Before anything else, define your problem. “Don’t develop technology just for the sake of developing technology, Instead, develop technology with a purpose, and one that supports your core mission.”

Features like surfacing recipe suggestions based on diet or suggesting home decor for a user’s specific taste are available because of deep learning. By understanding the intention behind a simple search, Pinterest’s deep learning models deliver highly personalized results.

By using AI to analyse mountains of data, Pinterest tailors search results for each of its hundreds of millions of users. That’s a big reason why Pinterest considers itself “at its core, a data and AI company,”.

Using cloud computing rather than on-premises servers also allows Pinterest to scale its AI efforts quickly with high-performance compute capacity, freeing engineers to experiment with new features like Shop the Look, which singles out a product in an image, allows the user to select it, and shows the user where to find it online.

This focus on everyday, accessible AI means more new features to inspire users, and more opportunities for discovery.


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