Back to University Advice for Everyone Out There!

Universities and colleges are starting soon. The negative emotions, the bad days and the stress is coming back and we understand how difficult it can be. Some might be starting their first day of university and some might just be returning back from their summer break.


We have got you covered. As cliche as it sounds, its all about staying calm. Don’t let it control and break you. Follow these bits of advices to make sure that this semester goes as smoothly as possible:

Stay ahead of the game

This cannot be stressed enough upon. You really need to stay ahead of the game. That does not mean that you’re in a competition but its just that when you know what courses you have and you start studying and doing all the university stuff that is required earlier; it will only be beneficial for you. At the end of the semester, it’s you, whos going to be stress-free.

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Don’t overspend

University makes you do that. Friends make you do that. Unlimited hangouts and places to go. However, remember, you cannot go everywhere. You need to set up a budget and you need to stay in that budget. Save the money. You still have more semesters to attend.

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Balance, balance, balance!

I’ve mentioned it three times because you simply cannot survive university and get good grades simultaneously without striking the perfect balance. Want to have fun and score well at the same time? find the balance. Make sure you study enough to pass your courses but don’t forget to have fun.

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Take care of yourself!

Taking care of yourself does not just imply to physical health but also to your mental health. Eat good, rest good and don’t forget to take a break. Don’t overwork and don’t procrastinate. Everything is going to end well.

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Good luck guys! University is all about getting out of that comfort zone so go ahead. Try new things and make memories but make sure to keep that GPA in check.

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